Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot Noodles

Hot Noodles; Illustration for Dish Clips Website, Adobe Illustrator, 2012

So I recently started an internship with a start up company called Dish Clips. They are developing an app for iPhone and Android that allows users to share videos of the food they are eating at different restaurants.

It's like yelp but with video, or like youtube for food.

For my first task as Mobile Graphics Intern #2, they asked me to come up with an illustration for their website, based on their concept of "Food Porn."

More Thumbs
A Sketch for an Alternate Idea

I was a bit surprised that they liked my babe-in-the-noodle-bowl sketch because I thought it would be too silly, but it was the one I wanted to finish the most so I was glad they chose it. This was a pretty fun project, I wasn't expecting to be doing so much hands on stuff at my internship so that was a pleasant surprise, and I hadn't used Illustrator in a while so it was nice to get some practice in with the pen tool. And I actually remembered to save some progress if you're into that sort of thing. Hope you enjoy it!

 Sketch for Hot Noodles

Tracing  Large Shapes with the Pen Tool

Painstakingly Tracing Each Individual Noodle for Ten Years

Adding More Details

All Done :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kelsey Loves Sloths

Kelsey Loves Sloths, Watercolor, 2012
Here's a little painting of one of my favorite subjects, my friend Kelsey. All you need to know about Kelsey is that she is awesome and she loves sloths. She also loves manatees and spaghetti, but that won't be on the exam. This piece was 100% Pure Fun for me, I hope you guys enjoy it!