Friday, February 24, 2012


Perfume; Graphite, 2012
This is a piece I just finished for Lawrence Yun's descriptive drawing class. The class is all photo-realist style rendering, which I actually really enjoy, but I don't do it unless forced to for some reason. It's kind of brainless and fun to do while watching/listening to television shows I've already seen. So this piece is brought to you buy seasons one through three of Weeds. 

The spray pattern was an experiment which wasn't terribly successful, but I spent a stupid amount of time cutting out this intricate stencil and I felt obligated to use it. Why is she spraying perfume in her face? Because it was the style at the time. Because her face stinks. Because I wanted to render her face, okay?

Special thanks to my model for this piece, my little sister Sam (who's amazing BTW, 23 years old and she's already lapped me for a bachelors degree and is kicking ass in law school. Sorry, I can't resist bragging about Sam whenever I mention her, it's like OCD or something.) As beautiful as she is, Sam could never have a career as a model, because after the first 20 frames or so, this started happening:

See you next Friday!

Oh, did I not tell you? I'll be updating my blog every Friday from now on. There. Now that I have promised the internet, I can't disappoint.

Thank You?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

from my sketchbook: last week of january

Self Portrait; Ballpoint Pen

So pretend this is a riveting explanation of my reasons for neglecting to update my blog over the last few million years and a promise to myself and the internet that I will henceforth post something new every week from now until eternity.