Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one art, please

These are some of the arts that I made in Hala Swearingen's Illustration Class last spring:

These are master studies of Mucha's Evening Star. I spent exactly one bajillion hours on them. From left to right: graphite, charcoal, acrylic.

Caricature Assignment. 
Watercolor, Pen and Ink. 

This is Michael C. Hall as Dexter in Dexter. If you haven't seen it, you should really get on that because it's awesome. The first two seasons are on Netflix instant streaming, btw.

Birthday Card Assignment. Watercolor and Prismacolor.

Miscellaneous arts from around that time:

A Very Wise Baby. 


Self portrait. 
Paper Stained with Coffee.


Now these are all older arts circa 2004-2007




You can see the staple marks at the top because this is before i discovered gummed paper tape. This is my little sister. She's not little. She's buff as shit and she'll kick your ass.

This is my first oil painting, and I think my most favoritest art of all the arts I have done so far. It's a self portrait of myself, back when I was shaving my head.

Another self portrait. 

A Tree In Golden Gate Park. 

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  1. I especially like the skeleton and the bearded baby. :D