Sunday, April 3, 2011

margin doodle compilation

I draw on the sides of notes or scraps of paper far more often than I draw in a sketchbook. When I have to listen to someone talk for a long stretch of time, drawing helps me avoid spacing out during the parts that aren't worth writing down. I'm sure it probably looks like I'm not paying attention, but then when I'm daydreaming I'm guessing it probably looks like I'm listening. I also write down things that I want to say out loud but can't/shouldn't/don't for some other reason, it's pretty silly.
These are some of the doodles I've saved. Common themes in my doodles include: my professors as they are usually the only ones in the room facing me, imaginary women, and my friends as superheroes with underwhelming powers.

Political Science, Fall 2009.


 Abnormal Psych, Spring 2010.

Various meetings and other work functions.

 Children's Lit, this semester.


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