Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Zodiac Ladies!

Hello again, fine citizens of the internet!

Things got a little crazy for me this semester and I have been too busy to post anything for a while. I had a pretty impossible amount of work to do and then everything went horribly wrong during the week leading up to finals. My car broke down, my computer got a really creepy virus (the hacker was watching me work in photoshop and sending me messages about my art and also a startling amount of porn) and then on the last day my power went out! Somehow I still emerged from the art cave victorious.

The Art Cave

So anyway, here are seven more of my zodiac illustrations. I've almost finished the set, Sagittarius and Virgo came out a little wonky so I'm going to redo those ones. Hope you enjoy them :)

Cancer, Watercolor 2012
Leo, Watercolor 2012
Libra, Watercolor 2012
Scorpio, Watercolor 2012
Capricorn, Watercolor 2012
Aquarius, Watercolor 2012
Pisces, Watercolor 2012

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