Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Dresses

Swann, Graphite with Digital Color 2012

This illustration was inspired by Chanel's Resort 2013 collection. I've been getting interested in fashion illustration this year beginning with my zodiac series, so I thought I'd try some illustrations of recent collections to experiment with different techniques and to get more familiar with what's going on in the fashion industry.

I have always loved fashion, but my expertise in the field pretty much begins and ends with "ooooh pretty dresses!" I don't really follow the names of designers, let alone buy designer clothes...or clothes of any kind really. My wardrobe is made up of things I bought back when I had money and clothes I accidentally bought during a trip to Target for toothpaste. So I had to google the meaning of "Resort Collection", and I don't know why this collection is from the future if the runway show took place last month. But I really liked the color palette and the styling of the models for Chanel's show, especially the pastel bob wigs. Also, when I saw it I thought ooooh pretty dresses!

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